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MLEN Soft Magnetic Eyelash Extensions

MLEN Soft Magnetic Eyelash Extensions

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False Eyelashes are Natural looking and convenient to use!

These False Eyelashes are lightweight making them ideal for everyday eye makeup wear. This extension will help lift your lashes and widen your eyes to create a cat-eye look without the heavy feeling. This lash set features alternating lash groups or volume and length. This gives lashes and eyes of any shape a more natural-looking extension that is fluffy but not too extra.

The Eyelash Extensions give your lashes a fluffy yet subtle glam without the heavy lash line. This false eyelash set has a little longer strands at the outer corner of your eyes compared to the inner eye. This lash shape and style broadens the outer area of ​​your eyes and gives a natural cat-eye or winged look to your eye makeup.

Our Natural Eyelashes is self-adhesive tape on the back of the eyelash. It can be placed on a mannequin. It is easy to apply and remove, and convenient to use. The false eyelash is specially designed for eyelash extension practice and training. Magnetic Eyelash Extensions can be placed on a mannequin to display the eyelash extension effect.


It contains the Japanese, very large flying arrangement, and the primary velvet material is very soft PBT. The 0.03-0.04mm eyelashes focus on the golden point of the eye. They highlight the natural character, and the very soft material makes the eyes appear carefree, beautiful, and natural.

8-9-10-11-12-12-11 fan arrangement, B+ degree of curling, flowering low density

26-27mm, inner and outer corners of the eye can be trimmed by 1-1.5mm


  • Korean imported PBT antibacterial ultra-soft 0.025 – 0.05mm mink velvet
  • Super light and soft with 0.025mm hair tip, weight 0.001oz (0.028g)
  • Water absorption of less than 0.9% and corrosion-resistant


  • Amorphous nano soft magnet insert can be 0.10 – 0.025mm thin
  • Even magnetism with segmented multi-polar permanent magnetization
  • UM high polymer coating is safe without leaving behind residue



The raw material is purchased in the form of a small ball. It's first sent to Japan (the most skilled in the wire drawing process worldwide) and then stretched out extremely thin to a 0.025mm diameter. These are well-proportioned prototype eyelashes with a stable shape.


The prototype eyelashes are then sent to South Korea (the most skilled in the polishing process worldwide) where they become MLEN eyelashes - well-proportioned in shape, naturally pointed, and the closest to native eyelashes. That's why our eyelashes look so natural like true hair.


After the tips of the eyelashes are polished down, they're sent to North Korea (the most skilled in the micro-weaving process worldwide). There, these eyelashes are then turned into a true piece of art, satisfying the requirements for complicated woven designs.


Finally, the woven eyelashes are returned to our factories where the 0.1mm magnetic placement and micro-magnetic pole adaptation are completed. The product then undergoes 4 inspections before leaving our factory.


Feel free to request lash-wearing tutorial videos from Spocket.

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